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Registration for the 2016 conference will start on Monday, August 22!  There are two different ways to register:


School registration:  Students in the local Ridgecrest area  will receive a registration form at their school.  The form must be filled out, signed by a parent or guardian, and then returned to the school.  Payment for school registration forms MUST accompany the paper registration form.  Registration forms will be marked with the time and date received so as to be competitive with electronic registrations.

Electronic registration:  An electronic registration form will be uploaded to this website at 9 AM on Monday, August 22nd.  Fill out the registration form and click the "Submit" button.  You will then be redirected to PayPal, where you MUST submit a payment; failure to submit a payment through PayPal at the time of registration will result in the registration not being submitted.

We look forward to receiving your registration via one of the two above methods!  Registration will be open to the first 150 students, so get your registration forms in as early as possible!  Registration will close once conference capacity has been reached or on September 2nd, whichever occurs first.

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