2019 YES! Workshops Include:

Parachutes (Aerodynamic Decelerators
Learn the basic aerodynamic principles of parachutes while designing your own parachute!
Blast Off
Investigate how fuel and oxygen mixtures effect how rockets fly. The basic science behind propulsion will be revealed using water rockets. Be prepared to get wet!!!
Combustion Chaos
Investigate chemistry experiments that explore the mechanism and applications behind burning reactions!
Food Science
Students learn the science behind popular foods
Bright Ideas
Learn how to harness the power of things around you, even a lemon!
Experience the feeling of floating on air and learn about the engineering required to build a hover craft!
Good Vibrations
What can you make vibrations and acoustics do for you?
Top Secret
This workshop is so secret even we don’t know what they are doing! All we know, is it'll be really cool!
Rowdy Robotics
Can you build and tame you own robot?
Engineer Marvels (Spaghetti Bridge)
Investigate basic materials science/engineering by constructing a bridge using special building materials! Will your bridge last the longest?
Blown Away! (Wind Tunnels)
Investigate the science between wind tunnels and aerodynamics.
Medical Science
Investigate the science that makes modern medicine a reality!
Programming Power
Learn to program using the Python programming language to command a turtle to draw.
Syringe Robots
Investigate science of Hydraulics and how it is used in Robots.
Polymer Power
From gooey slime to bouncy balls see what these tangled chains can do!
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